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Step by Step Guide to End of Lease Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the topmost doubts when moving out. When someone needs to move out from one place to another after the rental time period; they have to hand over the property to the landlord in the best condition. Then it comes to the End of Lease Cleaning. Here is the Step-by-step guide to End of Lease Cleaning.

Step by Step Guide to End of Lease Cleaning

One month before the end of lease

  • Most rent agreements claim your carpets are professionally cleaned before you free the property. Organize an expert carpet cleaner to reach the day before you hand the keys back to your property-owner (and keep a copy of the bills).
  • You are answerable for having any lice eliminated. You should use this time to organize an expert hassle control operator to spray your property.
  • If you have grasslands, they should be cut within the last week of your contract. If you don’t have a mower to do this manually, book a gardener to cut the lawns.
  • Call off your utilities (where suitable). This could be a decent time to call Rent Connect and get your utility stoppages and re-connections in order.


7 days before the end of your lease

Outside your house

  • Clean and curve out your garage. Does your flooring need de-greasing? Remove any waste torpor and spray the outdoor area with bug spray.
  • Remove all wildflowers, cut back your scrubs, cut lawns and spray the area with wildflower killer (if essential). Do you need to swap any dead plants?
  • If you have any waste rubbish in the courtyard, keep an eye out for cigarette casks and bottle tops left around the garden.
  • Brush down your driveway and pay extraordinary attention to any remaining oil spill or tyre marks from your car.

Inside your house

  • Remove and wash your light fixtures, then dry and change. Check your light spheres – are they in working order? Change and swap any globes that have blustered.
  • Look at your hangings and shades. Can you spot any dust, dirt or marks? If you have Venetian blinds, you will generally need to rub them clean slate by slat. Some hangings may be able to be washed if not, vacuuming May help to remove any waste dirt and dust.
  • If you require an air conditioner or ceiling fans, smear them clean (and the internal filters). Same goes for your smoke frights. Eliminate the exhaust fans in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom and then wash and swap.
  • Are there any fly acnes or review spots on your ceilings? Use sugar soap or mild cleaner in a bucket of warm water with a loofa.


3 days before the end of your lease

Clean those windows

  • Get your windows in top form by first clearing all the torpors outside the house with a torpors remover or brush.
  • Have a look at your window trails and clear them of dirt and build-up by sensibly running a screwdriver along the paths to release any dirt. Get in there with an emptiness (the thinnest spout you have) and then wipe clean with a wet cloth.
  • Place a screwdriver under the gravel, lift up and slip it to the left or right, before pulling it out and eliminating the fly screen. Don’t force your shades because they will bend easily. Pipe down the fly screen if needed.

Handy tip: Fly shades too tight? Or do you have safety screens or second-story windows? The sliding windows will usually come out from the inside. Just check to see if you need to untie the fixes at the top of the window (but don’t forget to constrict them back up).

The easiest way to mop a window

  • Use a scourer mop to soap up your window and eliminate all dirt and build-up. Now the window is all wet and foamy, wipe the top brink with a dry towel to help lessen flying. Slide your mop down the window with firm, firm pressure.
  • After each blow, dry your mop blade and continue until you’re finished. To evade lines, make sure each blow is slightly overlying the last.
  • Lastly, dry the edges and eliminate any remaining marks on the windows with a clean cloth. Smear the frame and the window shelf.

Handy tip: Your inner windows can be washed the same way – just use less water on your mop and place a cloth under the window to avoid any internal water harm


2 days before the end of your lease

Clean your toilets

  • It’s time to sterilize and clean all parts of your lavatory, together with the fixtures, reservoir, behind your toilet and the piping. The best practice is to use a bunch of antiseptic, paper cloth and some throwaway gloves.
  • Clean your wall slates with the spray antiseptic and a cloth and wash any muddy walls down. Lastly, brush the inside of the bowl with a toilet vessel cleaner and a toilet brush.

Your living areas, bedrooms and corridors

  • Vacuum your apparels and cupboards and wash with warm, foamy water before drying. Remove any personal hangers, posters or tacky tape as well as remainder. Any torpors or marks on your walls? Consider washing them down with sugar soap or mild cleanser in a bucket. Pay close care to your light switches.

Kitchen cleaning

  • To clean your kiln, remove all parts (series hood, stove, and knobs if they come off). Immerse in hot, soapy water overnight. Brush with a firm scourer until clean. Clean your oven flute as per oven cleaner instructions. Pay distinct attention to the glass.

Bathroom cleaning

  • To start your bathroom spotless, vacuum your bathroom. This will eliminate any hair and movable objects before you get started. Wet down your shower with a crème cleaner and a scourer wiper. Pay distinct attention to the corners, door frame and top of rinse until there are no soap layer, knoll or rust stains. Check to make sure your gutter is hair free! Dye your shower with water and mop your shower glass.

Laundry areas

  • Your laundry basin may have calcium or rust build-up. You can eliminate this with a crème detergent and scourer mop. Check your washing cupboards; you may need to smear the same procedure here. Wipe down all tap fittings and nearby wall tiles. Brush any final marks off the floor with the crème cleanser.


  • Lastly, vacuum your whole house. This will make sure it’s ready for the carpet cleaner to reach tomorrow. Bend any hard floors and, as the last step, mop. Don’t leave any hair or wreckage on the floor. Do a final arc of your patio.


1 day before you return your keys

  • Your carpets should be skillfully cleaned today. Once it’s finished, do a final walk-through with this list to confirm your property is in the correct delivery state to avoid any occupancy arguments with your rental bond.
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