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Benefits of Booking with Us

Free quote – On site or over the phone

Guaranteed best prices

Never compromising on quality

No job is too big or small

Fully Insured

We know the difference between Construction cleaning and General cleaning, delivering a tailored service to each job


Tools & Chemicals used


At Westlink Cleaning Services we use the right tools and chemicals suitable for construction cleaning. Methylated Spirits, Turpentine, Acetone, Gumptions, and other natural and organic products are used safely and effectively on all surfaces including Natural Stone, Marble, all types of tiles, timber floors, and cabinetry. 


Squeeze, applicator, soft scrubbers & sharp blades are some of the tools used to flawlessly clean glass, frame, and tracks. For indoor and outdoor tiling our qualified staff uses a rotary scrubber, high-pressure machines, and double power vacuums with an array of suitable floor and grout restoration chemicals specific to your job. 


No stain is ever too stubborn or is too complex for our cleaners. 

Areas of Experties

At Westlink Cleaning Services no cleaning job is too big or too small. We provide a detailed and specialised service for all Sydney Construction Cleaning sites, including but not limited to:

  • Houses
  • Granny Flats
  • Buildings
  • Apartments 
  • Schools 
  • Public sectors
  • Governments sectors
  • Hospitals and medical Centres
  • All types of Commercial fit outs 

Building Cleaning SERVICES

We understand that cleaning requirements may vary depending on the size and the type of construction site. That is why we offer all types of cleaning services that would be required by a building project and ensure each contract is entirely customizable. Full internal cleaning initial and final of all surfaces, tiles, natural stone, marble and windows inside and outside, acid washing of all external tiles like balconies and patios, high pressure cleaning and dusting are amongst the countless ways we ensure your building is ready for its post construction purpose.

Price Range

We pride ourselves on offering highly competitive and affordable prices for all our client’s budgets. At Westlink Cleaning Services we guarantee great prices and high quality that is never compromised. Clients are provided with a free and no obligation onsite quote. For smaller jobs we charge at an hourly rate, whereas larger jobs are charged per day labour costs or per job. Our hourly rates start from $40 an hour and vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. We also guarantee no hidden costs. 

Fully Insured and comprehensively trained

As a company we strive to provide assurance to our customers that they will be provided with a quality job conducted with the utmost professionalism. To do so Westlink Cleaning Services maintains full coverage insurance and ensures all staff employed by the company are fully trained, experienced and highly motivated. Our staff are always supervised for Sydney Construction Cleaning Services and take specific care to ensure that no damages or defects happen while on the site. Westlink Cleaning Services as practice does not subcontract any of our jobs. This is to ensure we have full visibility and control over the output of our work to ensure all clients are 100% satisfied.

The difference between Construction and General Cleaning

Having lengthy experience in the world of cleaning, we at Westlink Cleaning Services are able to differentiate each type of site, knowing that each service we offer requires a distinct approach. This is specifically the case for Construction Cleaning services. We know that construction sites require a high attention to detail during the cleaning process. Cleaning windows, tiles or any surface with glue, silicon and builder residue marks and stains requires special chemicals and products to leave a flawless finish, of which our staff are highly trained and practised in.  

Step by step process for Sydney Construction Cleaning

At Westlink Cleaning Services we strive to provide a quality service and a stress-free experience, that is why we ensure a simple step by step process for engaging us for you job site: 

  1. You contact our friendly staff and we organise to inspect the site and provide a no obligation free quote.
  2. Once the price and start date is agreed upon, your site will be assigned to our qualified staff
  • For large buildings we will begin from the top level and make our way down.
  • For Initial Cleaning we will clean all windows (inside and out), all tilling, surfaces and all joinery and cupboards and will remove all protections and rubbish.
  • For Final Cleaning, which usually occurs once all painting and other work is finalised at the site we clean everything completed in the Initial Cleaning job with the addition of the following; deep clean of all other surfaces, shine of all surfaces, detailing of all the areas inside the site and pressure cleaning of the outdoor space. Floors done in the Final Clean are completed using the rotary scrubber machine, high pressure cleaner for outdoor floors to clean grout haze from tiles. 
  1. Once the job has been completed to a high standard, we encourage you to inspect the area and observe any spots you have concerns with or wish for further detailed cleaning which we will resolve immediately at no extra cost. 

Acid Washing of tiles and streaks free window cleaning

At Westlink Cleaning Services we are experts in cleaning Cement Grout Haze, Epoxy Grout Haze and removing stubborn stains and builders residue from tiles, natural stone, marble and other surfaces. In our more than 10 years’ experience perfecting our skillset, we have established the best high-quality chemicals for all types of tiles and hard floors. We use 3000 psi pressure with attached vacuum for internal hard floors and 4200 psi for outdoor hard floors, render walls, fencing and other outdoor areas. 


Windows, frames and track cleaning can be very complicated and is an important focus for post construction cleaning. Westlink Cleaning Services employees are well trained in these areas, we employ well practised methods that do not scratch the glass or leave streak marks and water drops. We ensure to utilise different specialised chemicals for the windows and for the frames to leave a perfect overall finish. 

After Builders Cleaning Services

Frequently Asked Questions

If the size or complexity of the site explained over the phone does not match upon viewing, the price may fluctuate, however, this will be clearly communicated with you.

At Westlink Cleaning Services we allow you to make payment once you have inspected the site and are satisfied with the job. We do this to ensure you have the best possible experience with our company. 

As a company, we are fully insured. All our workers have White Cards, Workers Compensation and fully trained for conditions on work sites and use full Personal Protective Equipment. 

Yes. We use scrubber machines in accompaniment with high pressure washers and different types of tiles and grout restoration chemical and products for the best possible results.

Yes. We are fully insured and will take complete responsibility on the rare occasion that damages may occur, we will also ensure to alert you if we see any damages to the property.

Sydney Construction cleaning jobs should occur once all tradesmen are off site and the site construction has been completed. For large sites we strongly advise that you book for initial cleaning before painting occurs, then a final cleaning once the site is finished and potentially a third clean after the silicone has set.

Yes. If the cleaning job is after renovation, we can clean furniture, clean around furniture and move furniture to clean area.

Yes. We can remove glue, silicon and paint marks from all surfaces, windows and floors using our perfected techniques, tools and chemicals.