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Benefits of Booking with Us

We can clean windows up to 8 meters high.

We are experts in builder site window cleaning.

Streak free window cleaning.

We do not subcontract any window cleaning Sydney job.

Easy booking and payment system.

Hundreds of happy and regular window cleaning customers in the Commercial, Residential, and Government sector.


Westlink Cleaning Services has the best reputation for Window Cleaning in Sydney. We are highly experienced and have both Commercial, Residential and NDIS clients. We can reach windows up to 8m high and put a great detailed focus on perfectly cleaning frames, tracks, windows, blinds and fly screens. Contact us today for excellent window cleaning services.

Benefits of Window Cleaning Sydney

Enhance the look of the property

Remove contaminants and pollutants stuck to the glass

Natural light will pass easily through the glass on clean windows

Extend window life

Increase the value of the property

Help prevent scratches that occur from dirt building on glass

Sites we clean

At Westlink Cleaning we provide Window Cleaning Services for Residential, Commercial and Construction clients. Our services for Commercial and Residential sites can be completed on a quarterly, six monthly or yearly basis depending on how quickly the windows gather dirt and grime. We provide services to all different types of properties including gyms, restaurants, airport terminals, warehouses, retail stores, construction sites and all types of residential estates. Building companies put their trust in our experience and expertise to flawlessly clean the windows of brand new properties. All of our jobs are completed on time, glass left sparkling and we never leave scratches, marks or streaks.

Tools we use

  1. Westlink Cleaning Services has 10 years experience in window cleaning Sydney, and because we never subcontract we have full visibility and control to allow us to deliver a quality job. Over these 10 years we have continuously learnt and perfected our ways in order to come up with the best and most suitable window cleaning products and techniques. Our company has ladders that reach up to 8 meters, we use specialised soap, squeegees, sharp blades, different types of scrubbers and chemicals suitable for your job. We also use specialised chemicals to clean glue, paint and gyprock or any other residue from windows. Methalyde, turpentine, low ph acid, ammonia free solutions and acetone are just some of the products that we use to remove these difficult stains and residue from windows.

Step by step process

  1. Our team will arrive punctually, inspect the site and begin moving furniture/items from the window area. We will remove fly screens and curtains to prep for the cleaning processes.
  2. The floor will then be covered in this space to protect against water and chemical splash.
  3. Staff will then vacuum the window sills, tracks and remove spider webs inside and out.
  4. Window cleaning will begin on the inside first. A solution will be applied to the window with water via the applicator and the window and frames will be scrubbed using sharp blades which will not scratch or cause damage to the window.
  5. Staff will then wipe down the frames and edges of the glass with a cleaning fibre rag and squeeze the glass using a rubber squeegee.
  6. We will then wipe the water from the track and window sills and dry clean the edges of the glass and frames with a fibre rag.
  7. The same process will be completed on the exterior window in addition to washing the fly screen and placing it back on the window.
  8. Finally, the protection will be removed from the floor, the space moped dry if water residue remains and all furniture placed back.

Price Range

Westlink Cleaning services offers affordable window cleaning services in Sydney, charging per window for smaller sites and per hour or per job for larger sites. Prices also depend on the height of the window but prices begin from $7 a window. Window frames, sills and tracks are included in the price, however, fly screens will incur an additional fee. Prices may also differ depending on the type of window but you will be consulted on these prices upfront.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our window cleaning products leave the surface streak free. We use ammonia-free chemicals and clean fibre rags on the edges and corners of the window after squeezing the water.

We charge per window for residential sites and per hour or job for construction and commercial sites.

Yes. Our minimum charges are $110 which can cover up to 8 windows depending on the size and height of the window.

Depending on how quickly the window gathers dirt and grime, at least 2-4 times a year.

Yes. We cover the floors to protect them from water damage and we will also mop the floor after we finish cleaning.

Yes. The price includes cleaning of both window tracks and frames. Fly screens,curtains and blinds are an additional fee.

We are fully covered and insured and we will take full responsibility in the event of any damage.

Yes. We provide window cleaning services all over Sydney so you can easily find window cleaners near me.

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