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Benefits of Booking with Us

At Westlink Cleaning Services we have the best steam cleaning machines on the market.


with high psi pressure and extra external heaters attached.


We have the best solutions for stubborn stain removal.


Competitive prices and best quality services.


No job too big or small.


Steam cleaning is available on a variety of items.


Late hour services and last-minute booking available.


Flood damage cleaning available.


Our powerful vacuums will dry carpets quickly.


Carpet Cleaning is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy space for offices, homes, or if you are just after a clean and germ free environment. Westlink Cleaning Services has the most advanced cleaning mechanisms and solutions available to spotlessly clean carpet and upholstery. Provide your family, friends and staff with a healthy environment to live and work in by booking with us today.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Germ free surface

Enhance the look of the surface

Extend the life of the material

Remove smell and odours

Avoid the browning effect

Healthy living for kids, family members, staff and pets.

Tools and Machines we use

Westlink Cleaning Services has 10 years of experience in carpet steam cleaning and is a prime focus area for our company, this focus has resulted in the development of the most effective techniques and acquiring of the highest grade chemicals for carpet cleaning. When we say steam cleaning, we mean steam cleaning not hot water extraction because we connect an external heater to the machine to increase the temperature up to 110 degrees to create steam. Westlink Cleaning Services uses up to 500psi pressure, attached external heaters and double power vacuums to extract dirt and water from carpets. We use stain removing solutions, pre spray solutions, solutions for rust marks, paint marks, wine stains, general dirt, browning on carpets and any other stain imaginable.

Step by step process for Carpet Cleaning Sydney

  1. Our team will arrive punctually, inspect the area and pick up all rubbish and move furniture and items out of the cleaning space.
  2. Cleaning staff will protect furniture legs if required.
  3. Carpets will be vacuumed thoroughly along with all edges,corners and under any furniture unable to be moved.
  4. The area will be pre sprayed and the stain treatment process will begin.
  5. Once pre cleaning processes are complete, carpets will be steam cleaned at up to 500 psi and vacuumed free of any dirt and dirty water.
  6. If any stains are still visible we will commence stain treatment using a different solution and steam clean that section again.
  7. Finally we will put on the aircon/fan if agreeable by the client and leave all windows open to allow the carpet to dry quicker.

This process can also be undertaken for upholstery, rugs, couches, mattresses, dining chairs and bed heads. With the service also available for seats on boats, buses, cars and trucks.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We specialise in Commercial carpet cleaning with clients in the private, public and government sectors. Some of our Commercial Carpet Cleaning offerings are available for:

  • Boats
  • Buses
  • Airport Business Class and First Class Lounges
  • School stages
  • Gym Carpets
  • Office lounge areas
  • School office seats
  • Passenger transport vehicles
  • Taxis

And many more.

Price Range

For affordable carpet cleaner you can trust Westlink Cleaning Services. Our prices are as follows:

  • For Residential sites we charge per area, starting from $25 depending on the size of the area.
  • For Commercial sites pricing is per square metre and varies depending on the size of the space.
  • For seats and couches cost is per item, starting from $10 and will vary depending on the size and number of items.
  • Rugs are charged per item starting from $15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpets take 2-6 hours to dry, varying based on air ventilation, how confident the space is and the weather

Pet urine contains Alkaline Salt and is acidic in nature, which leaves yellow stains and creates an odour and is very difficult to clean. We use Spot Pro solutions with a high pressure machine and specialised pet urine stain remover which is an alkaline based solvent to remove these stubborn stains with high rates of success.

Yes. We use a carpet rack to loosen up the hair followed by a high suction vacuum to remove the hair.

Yes, our affordable carpet cleaner solution used with a steam cleaning machine and high suction vacuum can get rid of odour.

Yes. We use special chemicals, machines and vacuums to clean flood damage and recover carpets.

Yes. All of our products are from one of the top companies and are 100% safe.

We recommend at least 2-4 times a year for Commercial and Residential sites.

Yes. We will move furniture and the furniture that is too heavy to be moved will be cleaned under and around.

This is dependent on the size of the property and is also dependent on the type of site (Commercial or Residential). A 4 bedroom house takes up to 3 hours, units take up 2 hours.

We can steam clean upholstery, rugs, couches, dining seats, bed heads, car seats and many areas in commercial and residential properties.

Yes. We provide carpet services all over Sydney so you can easily find cheap carpet cleaning near me.

Carpet Cleaning Services