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Natural Stone Cleaning – Marble Floor Cleaning – Construction Cleaning

Natural stones,  marble floor, and construction cleaning requires special attention. This procedure helps in understanding the type of construction material used. Then by applying the special treatment for each material, we clean it accordingly.

At Westlink Services, we have the right washing experience required for your construction cleaning. Our team of experts thoroughly clean the stones, for any dirt or mud, before initiating the state-of-the-art hot water extraction method. It rejuvenates your marbles or natural stone, beyond only cleaning the surface.

Our hot water extraction method is highly effective in removing any kind of dirt. It also extract stains and extra moisture in the grout. After that, a thorough sealing and polishing procedure is done to bring back the original beauty of the stones.

So whenever your stones need expert hand to clean them, you can always trust us for doing awesome job and save your money.

Reliable, healthy & cost-effective

We believe in complete customer satisfaction. Our cleaning business in sydney is not just about giving the required services but doing it the right way. Reliability means your home or office gets the treatment it needs to make it a better place to live or work in. It also means saving customers time and efforts, so you take care of yourself while we take care of your home or office.

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