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Leather and car upholstery cleaning that speaks for itself

When it comes to upholstery cleaning especially car upholstery cleaning and leather cleaning you have to think twice before you take the matter in your hands. It’s not an easy job to clean your leather and car upholstery yourself as you might look good for a while but on the long run you might spoil it.

Leather cleaning for owners can seem to be a daunting task but for the professional cleaners of westlink it’s not the case. We have years of experience cleaning old looking leather furniture shining new again.

At first the stains and dirts on the leather skin seems hard to go buy but when our team comes to the rescue its history and the leather get a new life again.

Our expert uses a proprietary leather cleaning system that gives the leather a new life. With the expert hands and the right moisturizers and protectors all your leather is rejuvenated again – without any side-affects.

So wait no more and let us shape up and save your precious leather upholstery now and again.

Leather and car upholstery cleaning